Kareema plans tasks for the whole class and groups and manages pair, group and whole tasks competently. She employs a variety of effective teaching techniques e.g. role-play, actions, and information gap. She uses resources effectively ICT, and storybook. Kareema uses resources effectively e.g. IWB, displays and flashcards and she employs a range of effective concept to elicit response from the students. (Ms. Aneela Bukari)

 All the stages of the lesson made sense and flowed logically.  Your materials (PPT etc) are very bright, attractive; A-Z, song then activity, using the screen – everything was well designed and led. I liked your phonetic modeling today, with your hand in front of your mouth for “P”, etc. (Mr. David Waugh)

 Kareema plans effectively to ensure that all learners meet their potential. Her plans include how the lesson is going to be carried out and what learners will need in order to do their activities. (Dr. Neil Hunt)

 All activities you implemented were linked to the lesson outcome and the theme, students achieve the learning outcomes, and the high level group was always challenged to do better. Most of the activities were hands on activities and there were a variety of activities and strategies implemented during the group activities. Students were engaged and they had fun doing the activities. (Ms.Verna)

 During Kareema’s student teaching experience, she incorporated all the domains during each of her lessons – cognitive, physical and social/emotional.    She was able to access the student’s prior knowledge by asking questions or allowing the students to talk (talking partners) to one another.   This allowed her to begin teaching/reviewing an outcome.  Students were always moving around and using their motor skills (fine and gross) during lessons.   Kareema also allowed the students to share experiences with the class to help them socially.   Students were able to cut, glue, color, move, talk and explore in almost all lessons Kareema taught from beginning to end. (Head Of Faculty (HOF))

 Kareema has developed her questing techniques since she has been teaching here.  Questions have evolved from yes and no to critical thinking questions.   She has allowed the students to grow in their thinking by developing her questioning techniques.   Students are now able to discuss (talking partners) with one another a possible solution to a problem.  The students are able to express themselves better when sharing the possible solution.   Sufficient wait time is given for students to activate prior knowledge and then share with a partner, if needed.  An environment has been fostered with the students that they feel comfortable expressing themselves orally.  Growth of her teaching style has been exhibited through these questioning techniques. (School Vice Principal)



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