Aim 6

TP Competence


Aim six

Offers peers constructive feedback.


                 Peer assessment is essential in the learning process especially for teachers. It helps them improve their teaching and make strong connections with each other. According to Kelly Farrell “ peer feedback of teaching is simply the process of having a colleague review one’s teaching and provide feedback. This can then be used alongside student feedback to provide an academic with a broad perspective on the effectiveness of what they do which, in turn, assists them to develop appropriate responses to the findings” (Farrell, 2011). Therefore, peer feedback helps the teacher to see what she needs to improve and how she can implement new strategies to her teaching, which is similar to what Spiller (2011) stated that “ teachers can help each other to make sense of the gaps in their learning and understanding and to get a more sophisticated grasp of the learning process”. Furthermore, peer feedback will help me   enhance my writing skills especially in reflecting which is another aims in my professional development plan “Research evidence indicates that peer feedback can be used very effectively in the development of students writing skills” (ibid). Peer feedback will also help me developing my communication skills alongside with other skills as Kelly Farrell (2011) mentioned “peer constrictive feedback has the potential to improve not only teaching itself, but communication between colleagues, and it has been known to aid in enhancing collegiality”. This will make my relationship in the work placement more professional and productive.

Therefore, I choose this area of development to provide constructive feedback to my peers.


To achieve my aim I need to:

  • ·Provide good communication skills
  • ·Arrange meeting before the actual observations
  • ·Discuss the lesson plan with my peer and provide constructive
  • · Comments that can help deliver the lesson effectively.
  • · Arriving on time for the observations
  • · Set down after the lesson and give oral feedback
  • · Write a reflective feedback to my peer.
  • · Blog


               When I started my education career, I will use peer assessment as an aid to help me improve my teaching and enhance my performance.  This aim of competency helped me improving my teaching and classroom management strategies. Through peer observation, I gained my own perspective of how a teacher should behave and do in the classroom. I learned new techniques and teaching strategies from my peers and they learned from me. Moreover, conducting a peer observation helped in creating respectful   and productive communication between peers.  I learned from this competency, how to provide a constructive feedback and how to point to peers strength and weakness in a polite manner and provide alternatives and new strategies for my peers to try and vice versa. I learned how to accept peers constructive criticism and to look for new strategies to improve my teaching and performance in the classroom.

Through this TP competency, I have achieved a new level of professionalism and built a productive and respectful working environment.




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