Aim 3

TP Competence


Aim Three

Use classroom observation, information about children, pedagogical knowledge and research as source for active critical research.



      Reflection is a good method to learn one’s weakness and strengths and improve them. This year, during training practice, I have to conduct an action research and in order to do a successful action research I need to use observations, reflections and critical journals to interpret the data I will be collecting for my research, therefore, merging my PDP and my action research to perform better in both. My action research topic is exploring different domains of development in-group activities. In addition, Reflective journal is a way of thinking in a critical and rational way about what is observed in the classroom. Writing a reflective journal during conducting a research is very important step because it prompts the researcher critical thinking  “for the research student, a reflective journal is a developmental text that documents the process of thinking about research-making and research-writing” (The reflective journal, 2012).

Moreover, my mentor suggested that using classroom observation and students’ information will help me a lot to build a strong attachment to the children and it will help me to provide stronger evidence in my action research. She also added that I need to work more on my critical reflection and use my study about Early Childhood Education as a background of my critical reflection.

Therefore, I choose this area of development to improve my critical reflection and guide me through my action research as well. Additionally, doing action research helps the teacher to make connections between theory and practice and helped me as a student teacher to develop new knowledge that is linked to my classrooms. Additionally, action research made me more confident to participate in decision-making or discussion regarding classroom or the school because I have evidence and I was able to show that evidence from the data I collected.


To achieve my aim I need to:

  • ·Assign a day weekly for my research and create lesson plans that I can implement my action plan through, which is to explore the three different domains in group activity
  • Analyzing the data collection from my action research, observation, reflective journals and interviews and findings.
  • Take notes and observation during my lessons regarding my research and during my EMT’s lesson and compare between the two observations and after that, I will write a critical reflection that is supported with pedagogical support and evidence.


     When I started my teaching practice this year, I collected different data collection tools for my action research, interviews, reflective journals and observations to help understand the students’ needs and learn the teacher’s methods and strategies in relation to exploring the different domains of learning, physical, social emotional and cognitive learning in group activity. I conducted an interview with my MST and I wrote a weekly journal reflection on the observations I had.  As I analyzed the data I have collected, I wrote down my findings and I tried to base my findings on a strong educational theory. The information and observations were very helpful resources to help building my findings and they were also a strong foundation to my action plan which helped me in implementing the plan in the next semester and finish my action research.