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Reflective Journal/ Week 2


I spent the first week of my training practice observing my monitor and my students. I started implementing my action plan form the second week, starting by the block and puzzles activities. During literacy lessons students were working on words and letters puzzles in both languages Arabic and English. The students worked in a group; they were trying to put the puzzles together. They were focusing on putting the pictures together and then trying to read the initial letter for the picture. The students worked in a mixed ability group, they were helping each other and higher ability students were always guiding the others to focus on the words more than the pictures. Two groups were working on the puzzles during different times, but with the same conditions.

While during numeracy lesson, students were putting numbers with their corresponding numbers (one to one corresponding). The students first were trying to put the number with any pictures but I explained to them that they need to count and match the pictures with the corresponding numeral.  The students struggled little bit more the literacy lessons.

Students did these activities successfully, they were engaging and all the domains of learning were explored. Their fine motor skills were engaged in the activity and it helped the student to practice their fine motor skills. Furthermore, the students learned new words and they were developing their cognitive skills by decoding and encoding and practicing their language. Additionally, the students were working together in a supportive socially situation. The students also felt happy and a high self esteem after they did all the puzzles successfully.

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