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Reflective Journal/ Week 3

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Last week, I implemented the puzzles activities as a strategy so students can explore the three domains of learning in-group activity. This week I moved to blocks, I put students in mixed ability group and gave them some blocks and manipulatives in the numeracy lessons. The learning outcome in numeracy for that week was to recognize and identify different lengths (short and long).

During the same lessons, I worked with two groups; I gave the first group, camel mainpluatives and ask them to create e a long line and a short line using the mainplauatives on the carpet. The second group I gave an A4 laminated paper for each student with two lines in it, one short and one long. First, I asked the students to identify and tell me which line is short and which one is long. Then, they had to put some cube blocks on each line.

The first group, the one with the blocks, they started working individually although I put them in a group and told them to work together. The high ability students finished first while the other students were only playing with the mainpulatives. Therefore, I explained to them again what I want them to do and praise the students who did what I asked for and asked them to work with the other students. After that, students cooperate together and made the two lines.

Similar to the first group, the other group of students started working individually and they made the two lines. However, this group some students when they saw their friends did the activity wrong, they explained to them in Arabic and showed them what they were suppose to do.

All of this shows that these two activities were helpful and the students were able to explore at least two domains of learning through them. During both activities students engaged their fine motor skills using the blocks and the small mainpulatives. In addition, students were engaged intellectually trying to create two different length lines. Furthermore, the students were talking and engraining with each other which covers the language

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