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Reflective Journal/ Week 4

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During the last three weeks, I observed the students and implemented some of the strategies. I didn’t move far this week, I prepared for sorting, classifying and matching activities using manipulatives.

I started the week with matching activity in the numeracy lesson. The learning outcome for the week was to identify and match lower case with their upper case letters. Therefore, students were matching the lower case letters with the upper case using magnetic letters and white boards.

Students had all the alphabetic letters upper case and lower case in a basket and each student had a small white board. Students were working together and they were helping each other. Due to the curriculum change regarding to teaching letters, students struggled with their letters especially the low ability students who matched only 4 to 5 letters. Other students did better especially the high ability students. However, no one got all the letters right.

 This activity was very successful; students explored all the domains, the physical, the cognitive and social/ emotional domain. The different thing I observed about this activity that students felt much satisfied and more proud when they finish the activity successfully even when they matched only 5 letters. I believe that is because it was very hard activity and they knew, they accomplish something good when they were done.

 The second activity I tried was regarding to the theme, our theme was animals. Students were learning about sea animals, farm animals, jungle animals and desert animals. So I printed a picture of the desert, the jungle, the farm and the sea on A3 papers and laminated them. After that, I gave the students a basket full of animals and told them that they need to classify and sort these animals to their habitat. The students did this activity on the carpet, they worked as one group, and they helped each other and were discussing the whole time.

 This activity was also successful; students explored all the domains, the physical, the cognitive and social/ emotional domain. This activity had a good socially environment, the students were discussing where they should put each animal and they had also a good emotional environment. Some students band and made good connection with each other.


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