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Reflective Journal/ Week 5

Photo 3-10-15, 9 12 04 AMThe theme for this unit is my body and my senses, therefore, I did an inquiry-based lesson for science and I prepared a craft activity for numeracy lesson.

First of all, I prepared the science lesson as an inquiry based lesson on the taste sense. The focus activity for the lesson was in the exploring stage, where students had to rotate between the tables and taste the four different types of food salty, bitter, sweet and sour. Students tasted all of types of food and they were engaged in the lesson and engaged with their friends. During the activity, I explained how we taste different kinds of food and the students were talking and curious to know more.

 This activity was very engaging and during the activity the students explored their language, critical thinking, social and emotional domains of learning. The students expressed their feeling after tasting each food especially the grape fruit which was the bitter taste. They were laughing at each other’s expressions, which created a fun social environment, and they also used forks and spoons to eat which involved their fine motor skills. Additionally, students learned a lot of new words and they learned new concept during this activity such as we always taste the bitter food at the end of our tongue which they discovered in their own.

The next activity was the craft activity where students used shapes to create a body. There were different shaped and colored pieces of paper and each student had an A3 paper to create a body by pasting the pieces of papers on the A3 paper. Initially, the students were very quite during the activity and I didn’t push them to talk or share their thoughts. After their shapes started to look like bodies, the students stared to talk and suggest colors of eyes and shapes for each other’s.

 During This activity, students were engaged in social environment with their group and sharing ideas and thoughts with children of their age. The cognitive domain was the most domain student explored because they were trying to visualize how these shapes are going to make a body. Moreover, I tried to stimulate their critical thinking when I asked them to look at body shape when they finish and see what does it miss? Hair or a hand or an ear.  Furthermore, the students were using their fine motor skills to paste and pick up the papers to do the activity. Therefore, this activity was a good activity for the students to explore the three domains of learning.




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