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Reflective Journal/ Week 8

Photo 4-26-15, 9 29 17 AMThe theme for this unit is Abu Dhabi Reads; the literacy-learning outcome was to retell a sequence of a story beginning, middle and end.

 I read a story to the students that I created “I need a break”, students identifies the sequence of the story during the whole group activity. During the focus group, students created their own version of the story, starting by writing their names on the book cover. Each book contains three pages each page titled as the following, the beginning, the middle and the end. The students had to draw the beginning, the middle and the end of the story. High ability students wrote a word or a phrase on each page. Before the students begun, I did a quick review with them regarding the story and it’s events.

 Not all of the students loved this activity, however, the students who love drawing loved this activity and they did a great job in drawing and trying to illustrate the events in their own way. This part of the activity allowed the students to explore the emotional, physical and intellectual domains of learning. in addition, the social domain was explored during this activity through students discussion of which events shall be in the middle, most of the students’ products have the same beginning and end event but the middle event was different from a student to another. This shows that during this activity students were involved in more than the usual, they were thinking critically and creatively to decided which event is the middle event. Furthermore, students showed some indecencies when they were choosing a different middle event than their friends.

 Beside the pervious activity, in the art corner, I provided characters from the story for the students to color and then using them as puppets. Unlike the previous activity, all students loved this activity. Students colored, decorated their puppets, when they finished, students told me who this character is the doctor, the mother, the daughter, the son or the father. After that, they would right the character name on the back.

 This activity was good for the students as a coloring activity, which involved their fine motor skills, emotional skills when they finished and loved their work. The students did this activity in-group so the social domain was involved as well. However, the cognitive domain was not explored as much as the other domains, the students thought of the character names and some of them named their characters as their family members.



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