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Reflective Journal/ Week 9

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During heritage week my school mentor asked me to find things that are related to heritage and show them to the students to learn about UAE heritage. I provided some videos that are produced especially for the Emirate children that presents the old and traditional games.

 At that time, I was trying to implement the role play strategy or an activity in the drama center, therefore, I decided that I can ask the students to role paly some of the traditional games we saw and learnt about previously that week.

 I divided the class into two groups boys and girls because the games are either for boys or girls. Then each group chose their favorite game; we saw the game for couple of times and then the students acted out the game while the game song was playing.

 The role-play strategy was very helpful although it didn’t relate to a specific learning outcome in the curriculum. The students were engaged in physical activity that is surrounded with a social and traditional environment. The language and cognitive domains were not explored enough as much as the other domains but all the domains of learning were explored to a certain degree.


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