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Reflective Journal/ Week 7

9This week was the first week of the third trimester, students were little bite lazy and I was trying to find some activities that keep them interesting and fun at the same time. Therefore, I thought of implementing the print techniques strategy.

The learning outcome for this week for numeracy is patterns and the theme was plants, so I thought of print activity for the students that involve pattern. The activity was to create (AB) pattern using print techniques. The students had different leave shaped sponges and different paint colors. Each student chose two different sponges and colors and they started creating their own paper on paper.

 This activity was very fun and useful, during the activity the students explored their language where they were trying to explain to me what colors they chose and what shapes, cognitive domain where they were trying to create the pattern by two elements colors and leave shape, social and emotional domains of learning where they were having fun and doing the activity with their peers.  Additionally, the students were using their sensory motors and the activity engaged their fine motor skills as well. Therefore, using this kinds of activities are very helpful for students, through this activity, the students get a chance to explore the three domains of learning at once in a group setting.

On Thursday, during the science lesson I read to the students a story about planting and what do plants need to serve, so in the focus activity, we planted seeds in a transparent cup. Each student had a cup with a label on it to write his or her name. First of all, students need to write their names, then, students put soil in the in the cups, after that, they dug a hole in the soil, next they chose a what seed they want to plant, there were many choices. Then, plant the seed and cover the seeds with soil, finally, they watered their plants

 During This activity, students were engaged in social environment with their group and sharing the same task. The students were following the steps from the story “Dottie’s Garden”, which engages their thinking. Furthermore, the students were trying to remember the words in the story such as hole, soil,  and seeds, which seems to develop their language domain as well. They students also used their fine motor skills for writing their names, digging the hole and planting the soil. This activity is a hand on activity that students learn from a good concept and gain a life skill. Moreover, this activity allowed the students to work in a group and explore the three domains of learning.




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